A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

In the beginning there was nothing. There was only silence. Then a tiny object appeared...

The game follows the story of a mysterious, yet insignificant object set to bring a world to life. The player will take control of the mysterious, yet insignificant object in it's quest.

The Architect is the twisted sci-fi abstract labyrinth game edge of Creation, which makes you ponder every move you'll make.

Key Features:

  • twisted labyrinths where getting out is a great challenge!
  • enthralling storyline
  • optional levels with additional details to the story
  • use space modifiers to change the labyrinth around you!
  • step into magnetic distortion fields for fast travels!
  • beautiful 3D outer space world
  • full controller support
  • full featured level editor included:
    • create custom levels
    • share levels on the internet and test your friends!
    • create level series, even with storyline!

We are a team of two developers, who put all our passion into this game.

The Architect has been Greenlit! Coming soon to Steam!

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  • tutorials for every control
  • 5 new story levels
  • couple new custom levels (yay!)
  • CPU/GPU optimizations (5-10fps gain)
  • new platform selection indicator
  • one-button raise/lower (default, optional)
  • lots of small fixes.


  • added vertical camera rotation
  • fixed horizontal camera rotation
  • refactored side scrolling when the player character reacher view's edges
  • quick level-restart
  • fixed level loading image on Windows
  • ...lots of small bugfixes


This game is currently unavailable